About Company

Mosquitos Safety Net Screen is based in Kannur- Kerala. We are expert in mosquito & insect proofing for windows, doors, Ventilators, balconies etc. We makes you free from Mosquito & Insects, Communicable disease etc and make a happy home atmosphere. Mosquito net screen is Aluminum Mosquito Screen with Metalic Net ( Stainless Steel ), H.D.P.E Net for your Windows, Doors & Ventilators.

Use Powder Coated Aluminium frames with S.S.Net and H.D.P.E.Net or Velcro with Fibra Glass Net.

Exclusively using this product for Villas, Houses, Flats, Offices and Factories etc. The frames are available in match with your window frame colors. Mosquitos Safety Net Screen are Comfortable, Washable, Easy to Handle, Elegant, Durable & Long Lasting, Easy to Remove, Detachable, Airy & Attractive Colours.